Nicy Murphy

Nicy Murphy was destined to be a pioneer missionary. As a little girl, Nicy’s mother shared stories of ancestors who were pioneers in every sense of the word. Nicy descended from a great – great Grandfather who fought in the Kentucky state militia, parents who left Kentucky and made the long journey to homestead in Oklahoma territory, cousins who were missionaries in China, and a mother who provided mission books and magazines which fired Nicy’s imagination.

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Travel from east to west or north to south and it won’t take long for you to realize the only thing more colorful and distinctive than the scenery, are the people who live here. Spend a weekend in Buena Vista and you will be welcomed by pools of young adults working as raft guides taking courageous tourists rushing down the roaring rapids of the Arkansas River. Or enjoy a warm meal at Ponderosa on the last day of camp and listen to the reverberating echoes of the bell ringing out across the Black Forest, a camp tradition to signify each child that accepted Jesus as their savior throughout the week. Or perhaps this winter you might find yourself careening down the slopes in Steamboat Springs, where you will find an army of volunteers passing out cookies and prayers on the mountain. You could even enroll in a missions class at the Rocky Mountain Campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and learn how to share the Gospel in your community from passionate professors who love Colorado.

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In 2011, Colorado Baptists commissioned local artist, Richard Marks, to create a series of four paintings depicting Nicy Murphy’s vision of Missions in Colorado.  The 2011 painting is “Mountain Grandeur” and the 2012 painting is “Water of Life“.  The 2013 painting, The Good Shepherd, will be presented at the annual meeting in Grand Junction.

“This painting symbolizes that Jesus is our Shepherd and we are like sheep, Matthew 18:12-14,” said commissioned artist, Richard Marks.

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